vision and mission

sports and exercise

For a world in which sport and exercise play a central role in everyday life. Your active lifestyle demands a lot. You need energy, focus and hydration. You value your health and regeneration.

Focus and recovery

fos BCAA - The Focus Drink combines all of that. An isotonic sugar content, natural caffeine, vitamin C and amino acids* (BCAA) for real energy before sport. fos MAG+ ensures the best recovery after sport. fos MAG+ - The Recovery Drink contains essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs for better recovery after sport or physical exertion. Of course both drinks are vegan.

focus on success

More important is the time you devote to your journey to success. We believe that every goal can be achieved through hard work. You need absolute focus for that. We made things easy and fast. It's never been easier. Everything you need in practical cans. They fit perfectly with your active and success-oriented lifestyle. We focus on success.

who we are

fos Drinks GmbH was founded in 2015. The company headquarters were relocated from Braunschweig to Hamburg in 2018. Since then our team has grown to 6 employees. We are mainly at home in the functional fitness area and love the community.